Facebook Integration Debuting In iOS 6

We saw Apple integrating social networking site Twitter to its iOS 5 when it was launched. It allowed for instant tweets and image sharing via Twitter. However, no matter what stats we may look up, Facebook still rakes in a lot many more users than Twitter does. So are we finally set to see Facebook integrated into iOS 6 just like Twitter?

If the reports are to be believed and there are a plenty of those doing rounds about the new iPhone or the new iOS 6 then we may finally be seeing Facebook deeply integrated into the operating system of the next iPhone. We were told recently that Facebook was working hard on a phone but this move definitely seems like a good short term alternative to all those Facebook enthusiastics who cannot live without checking their profiles every ten minutes. Also, after acquiring Instagram it does seem like Facebook realizes that a lot more people are taking to their smart phones for accessing the site.

Techcrunch, who were the ones who broke this news still are unsure how exactly would this integration work, since most of the work is still in development and progress. However, I guess we do not have to wait for too long before knowing it all since on June 11th we expect Apple to release iOS 6 Beta for the developers at the upcoming WWDC.

So what do you think about Facebook integration in iOS 6? Would you like it? Do let us know in the comments section below, we love hearing from you.

via: Techcrunch

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