Facebook Introduces Mood Emoticons in Status Updates and Verified Accounts

Facebook is a bit like earth. Before you think something is horribly wrong with me, what I mean is, it does not stand still either. there is always something or the other happening with your Facebook profile. Sometimes the changes are a little subtle and not many notice is, for example the new search bar on the top, but on other occasions they are a bit into your face. This time, the changes are in your face, smiling and probably evening telling you what song somebody is listening to reading which title.

facebook new status updates facebook new status updates_2

Facebook has rolled out a new set of options you can use when you are updating your Facebook Status. Not only can you now tag your friends and your location in the status, you can also tag the song you are listening to, book you are reading, how you are feeling, or if you are drinking, eating or watching something. All this, with an emoticon to go with in the status. It’s hard to find what good this will do apart from maybe make your timeline look a little more cartoonish. Maybe in the grand scheme of things, there would be some way to sort your friends who like to eat a certain kind of cuisine or like certain books and get automatically added to the favourite books or food lists etc. All hypothetical, I know, but you got to forgive me, I am just trying to make sense of this move.

facebook verified

Another new thing you would perhaps have noticed is that, just like Twitter, Facebook will have Verified Accounts. There will be a small little blue tick right on the profile, to show you that the celebrity profile you are stalking is indeed genuine. This is definitely a move that makes sense. So excuse me while I update my status with how bemused I am feeling.

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