Facebook is Experimenting With New Ticker Box And Other Features

Today when I started my laptop and login to Facebook website, I was surprised to see the new changes occurred in Facebook. “Top News” and “Recent” links at the top disappeared. And a new Ticker box appeared on a right. I curiously asked to my friends about the new feature but none of them got this till now. Also I asked question to my friends on Facebook but I didn’t get any answer from them.

Here are the changes I saw on my Facebook homepage:

“Top News” and “Recent Links” Disappeared:

I don’t understand why Facebook removes this very engaging feature from its interface. By default, it is showing only “Top News”. If you want to see the most recent news then check out Ticker, a newly launched feature in new Facebook.


Ticker in Facebook:

On right side, there is a new Ticker box that shows most recent updates by your friends. Also if you click on any link then a new pop up will appear showing the update. If the link is YouTube or Facebook video then you can play that video right inside the pop up. Great new feature by Facebook.


So these are the new features I got in a new Facebook. Are you the one who got the new features? If yes, then leave a comment and share your experience that whether you like the new features or not.

6 Responses

  1. I have the new Facebook and I absolutely hate it. I keep having to refresh my screen to make sure that I can see all the news, because I don’t like the ticker format.

  2. As usual Facebook changes something that didn’t need changing without making anything better. Google Plus is looking better. I don’t have this ghastly change yet but my daughter did and hates it.

  3. I am not able to See any of the above change as of now, but the Photo theater look has changed for me now, it is now with While translucent background.

  4. I do not like the changes Facebook has made to the homepage. I especially do not like the ticker that tells everybodies where abouts on fb. I dont know why fb has changed their look. None of my fb friends seem to have experienced the change. My theory is “if its not broke, dont fix it” If there is a way to change back to the classic old look please let me know.

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