Facebook Mentions is a new way for Celebrities to interact with their fans

Facebook has become an easy way for the elite and famous to get in touch or interact with their fans or supporters. We have seen several influencers and such use their Facebook accounts to either get their message across or clear an alleged controversy. However given the number of features that the regular Facebook app on an iPhone has, it becomes difficult to keep track or interact with your fans.

Facebook Mentions

Facebook has made this simpler by launching Facebook Mentions for iPhone. It is a simple application that basically lets you to interact or start a conversation with your fans in a simpler UI than the regular FB app. The app is available only for those with a verified account so far, and only on iOS. The main aim of Facebook with the apps is to bring influencers closer to the people who have followed them.

There is no news whether there will an Android version of the application or not, or if Facebook has any plans to open the app to influencers with certain number of likes who may not be verified yet. However, from the first looks, the app looks simple and very much drawn out from the same sheet as the Paper app that was launched recently.

Download Facebook Mentions from App Store here

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