Facebook Messenger App for Your Desktop

Facebook has now released a messenger app for your desktop. This messenger is meant purely for chatting purposes and nothing else. You can view your notifications, friend requests and messages from the app. But to reply to them, you will have to login with your browser. But we found the chat features to be quite impressive.

facebook mess

Facebook Messenger is a light weight application that looks to challenge the likes of Google Talk and IM and does quite a good job of it. Facebook’s popularity will make this app a must have considering the number of people on Facebook. This app makes it easy to stay in touch with friends and family.

Some features of this application are:

1. See who’s online and start an instant chat session with them.

2. View you notifications, friend requests and messages. But to reply to them, you will be directed to your browser.

3. View all the latest status updates and posts by your friends. But again, to view in them in detail or to reply to the posts, you will have to do that through your browser and cannot be done through the app.

Facebook Messenger is a handy application to have on your desktop. Its features and ease of use will make installing it worth your while.

Download Facebook Messenger.

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