Facebook Messenger App Officially Available for iPad

iPad is easily the choicest tablet for a vast majority of people out there. No matter what Android may say about their tablets, fact remains that Android tablets remain a level or two below the iPads when it comes to ecosystem as well as overall quality of product. One of the reasons behind the driving success of iPads has been the fact that most major developers have gone out there and developed apps specifically for iPads which are tailor made to take advantage of the large screen estate on the iPad for a more immersive experience.


Another of the popular apps in the mobile ecosystem has come for the iPad. We are talking about the Facebook Messenger application, the standalone chat client from Facebook. So far the users had to download the phone chat client on their iPads and increase the size to use it. This was obviously not a great user experience and most of the users switched to a third party app. Finally, with the official app for iPad released, you can chat with your facebook friends without jumping around apps that you may not trust.

For those who have used Facebook messenger on any previous iOS device, you will find things very familiar. The interface is very much the same, though an extra pane has been added on the left to take advantage of the large screen space on iPad which shows your contacts. You can click there to initiate a chat session. The app brings all the usual emojis and sticker support and is available for free for all the iPads running iOS 7.

Download Facebook Messenger for ipad here

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