Facebook Now Lets You Review Your Top 20 Activities In Year 2012

Yes, we are very close to that time again. The time to change the calender and buy a new one, time to iterate the year when writing dates before taking notes in a lecture, and the time to make new resolutions while reflecting on the year just gone by. And keeping in line with how reality is, facebook now lets it’s users to look back at how the year went by for them as far as their social activities are concerned on the popular social web site. Facebook lets you look at your top 20 activities of 2012 by simply clicking a tab which is added to your profile which lets you review your year.


For a fairly non social person as far as sharing things on Facebook is concerned this is no real big deal for me personally, but I do know enough people for whom stats such as number of friends added and the number of images they were tagged in is all the more important than some of the other significant numbers such their percentage in an important examinations. For such people this a great little feature as the year closes. It obviously gives you a great hindsight on how active you were on Facebook, the time you could have utilized elsewhere. you can also share this information using the share button which appears once you choose to check your activity out on the timeline. Why anyone would like to do that is anybody’s guess, but let’s say the world has people who are all different and few of them would take pride in the number of online friends they did make.


Even though I do like this little feature, I am not too sure how this would help. Yes, it gives you your most popular stories and the posts you were tagged etc so it is a good way of seeing your popularity, but nothing more. If you have made some really happy memories throughout the year, then this is a good way to look back and read through those comments and admire the large number of likes too.

Do let us know what you think about this new feature and if you used it or not.

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