Facebook Rolls out Feature to Add Photos in Comments

Facebook is the number one social network on the planet. Like it or loathe it, you cannot keep it out of news. They recently added the video feature to Instagram and slowly Facebook has bought another change which has pretty much gone un noticed. Facebook has evolved over a the past few years and you really have to hand it over to the team behind the site for bringing some real cool add ons. While everyone has not yet received the graphical search, looks like the ability to add images to comments is already a feature being rolled out to all it’s users. Finally some uniformity.


Now when you are about to comment on any status or post, you will see a small Camera sort of icon at the bottom right where you can attach the image from the browser. You can carry on writing the comment like you normally would and the image would be shown on the left hand side of the comment. There is still no way to incorporate image from a URL which is kind of disappointing.

Facebook comments photos

The upload procedure in itself is slow and as a result we had to give the image a couple of tries before uploading it. We hope this is not the final version and Facebook brings maybe even an upload bar which shows the exact progress of the upload.


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