Facebook Testing Single Column Timeline

When Facebook rolled out Timeline, a lot of people were skeptical while adopting it. It seemed like it is made well for stalking someone.  The entire Facebook history flashes right before you, the events, the images, the posts, everything is right there. And for this specific reason a lot of people were very skeptical about this update. But like it is said, everything takes a while to rub on you, and when it is Facebook, like it or not, you can not just let go of it. Just as we were almost used to the whole layout, seems like Facebook is all set to maybe change everything once again?

A lot of people are reporting some sort of weird changes on Facebook which usually indicates that they are testing a new interface to the profile. This time though the design is moving from a double column to a single column interface. This means that the profile would be a lot shrinked down as well as the information would be available in an easier scroll down information. At this time, it is actually a little bit of a problem that the posts are seen in a dual column mode. You end up missing a lot of posts and unnecessarily scrolling down. And even the images look clumsier. The advantage of moving to a single column profile surely has it’s own benefits as the posts can be more detailed and images can be more easy to go through. Let’s admit, that is the only reason we have a Facebook account right?

Have you been noticing these sorts of changes on your profile? If you have, do let us know in the section below.

Via: Technobuffalo

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