Facebook To Kill Third Party Apps on Windows Phone

Facebook recently launched a new Beta application for Windows Phone 8 which brings a fair number of interesting add ons to the table. Although, the official application is really good at least on Windows Phone devices, there are always users who prefer to use a third party application especially when it comes to Social Networking apps. Down to personal preference or just added features or simpler UI coupled with the fact that there are plenty of choices available means these third party apps are really popular.

Facebook Third party apps killing

However, it looks like Facebook does not like these third party application and is planning to kill them by writing to Microsoft themselves.  Although we can understand why Facebook would do something like this but it would generate a bad PR for the company and for the ecosystem for allowing something like this. It restricts the choice of the user and that is something no user would like. There are more than 25 applications on the market store currently that would be affected by this. If you are looking at a new Facebook application, now is the best time to go ahead and download it before it is taken down.

What are your views regarding this move from Facebook? Would it simply ensure a larger number of people download the official app or simply grow a sense of disillusionment among the users? Let us know in the section below.

Via: Dailymobile

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