Facebook To Tweak News Feed To Show More And Bigger Photos?

Facebook’s status as the world’s largest photo-sharing network has been talked about a lot recently. The company is continuing to acknowledge the importance of pictures by tweaking and improving how it displays your shots. Some of us like the new view but the others hate it till the core.Personally speaking the original display of photos where the photo used to open up normally in the page sans the pop up was better. The latest change made the photos pop even more in the site’s news feed both by displaying larger versions of shots, and showing more at once.

The new design is apparently being rolled out slowly, and will show one full-column photo above three smaller shots in the feed. The new look matches a similar tweak to the Facebook mobile interface from a couple of weeks ago.

Facebook’s clearly emphasizing photos, and making sure you’ve got a nice big place to show off the shots you took with the Facebook Camera app or the ones that you have uploaded. It creates a wall update in which a photo is randomly picked (if not selected) then puts it vertically and accompanied with two smaller horizontally placed photographs. This can be changed according to the desire of the user.

So what are your opinions on Facebook continuing to change its design and features everyday practically? Do let us know in the comments section as we love to hear your views. But in all it is a new way to lighten up your timeline. Happy Facebooking.

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