Facebook will allow you to Edit which Pictures appear in your Year in Review

It’s the end of the year and that means that it is time for yearly reviews. Don’t be surprised if you see plenty of social media networks bring about a review with them, but the trend setters in this case, was definitely Facebook. We have seen facebook end of the year reviews for a while now and with the growing popularity of the medium, people have actually started associating these features with them and now keenly await them to come along. This year, like most of them before it, Facebook would be bringing an year end review but with a change.

year in review-fb

So far, the year end review composed of pictures that Facebook deemed were important and required and as a result inserted them in your review. You can simply go ahead and view you review by either visiting the relevant year end review link on Facebook or by seeing one by clicking on the post of year end reviews of your friends. but what if, one the most popular posts of your year was say with a bunch of friends that you are no longer best of friends with, it would be kind of plain sad to see it all over again, right? Precisely for this, Facebook is now giving the users the ability to select and add up to 10 pictures that you wish would be a part of your year end story.

You need to visit this link to view your year end story. If you do not like the collection that Facebook has made, you can simply click on edit and add on pictures that you deem perfect and that make sense to be there. The feature is live, both on mobile and desktop version of the site as well as the app.

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