Facebook Working on a News App To Send Broadcast Alerts

Facebook in its newest avatar is building an ecosystem of applications that basically use your Facebook profile to deliver different services. In order to take this services initiative further, Facebook looks set to be launching a news application that would basically send you alerts for your selected subjects. The application is still very much in Alpha stage and is being tested and developed. The application will have character limits very similar to the way things are done on Twitter so that you are not served huge gamuts of data just via broadcast.


For the start, the application will sees elected publishers tie up, which will result in broadcast update being pushed on to the screens of everyone who is subscribed to the particular channel. The publisher can choose the call to action on the same as well as if he is pushing the broadcast only to the subscribers to the genre of subscribers too. The call to action primarily would be taking the user to his website, though the publisher can obviously change this and maybe redirect to a Youtube video of the story.

There is no other action that the user can perform other than either dismissing the broadcast or simply clicking on the call to action button. With no cross talks or comments, it would be interesting to see how well the application functions and what are the features that get added on. It is a possibility that somewhere down the line, the app could bring the likes of pages on board who will also be able to broadcast messages.


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