FaceRetirement Is A Fun WebApp That Shows You How You Would Look Like When You Retire

Old age is one thing that really scares all of us. Not only does it take away our energy and enthusiasm for things, we go downhill physically too. We all are curious how we would look like when we age, it is a fun little exercise  If you are a woman reading this, then pretty obvious it would be a stuff of nightmares for you. Not being as fit and good looking as you are now is a daunting thought, cause obviously none of us are happy enough with how we look. Yet, to solve this little mystery for you all, we have come across this fun little web application called FaceRetirement.

FaceRetirement is a fun application that gives you a solid idea of your facial features when you retire as the clock of your life winds down. It is obviously a simulated application and there is no guarantee of resemblance when you do get to that age. Though, it could be an interesting little record to keep. The application uses the webcam of your laptop or desktop to take your current picture, so unless you have one attached, you are out of luck. Using the application is pretty simple. All you have to do is to go to this web URL. Let the website load as it does take a little while to do so. It would then ask you for permission to access the Camera on your device which you must allow it to. It would take your picture and then you can get the idea of how you would look like at various stages of life.

It is indeed a great fun and easy to use application. SO go ahead, and check yourself out 50 years down the line if you have time to pass away.

Via: RedmondPie

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