Fake iPhone 5 Launcher brings iPhone 5 Like Feel to Android Devices

Although the two sets of fans are sworn enemies, it would not be wrong to say that Android enthusiasts do steal a sneak peek at the iPhone  to appreciate the clean interface that iOS brings to the table. But thanks to endless customizations possible on Android, it is now possible to run an iOS like skin on your Android device too thanks to Fake iPhone 5 Launcher.

Fake iPhone 5 Launcher

Fake iPhone 5 Launcher is available for free to download in Google Play store and transforms your Android device into an iPhone of sorts. Although the interface can be a little wobbly depending upon the device you are using, but the looks are definitely the same. By default you get four icons on screen unlike the iPhone 5 where five icons are present, but you can change this in settings and add the extra row of icons. the icons too are pretty much like the boxed interface of the iPhone and thanks to the added wallpapers of Apple, you get the perfect feel of iPhone even if it is no where near as smooth as the Apple device.

Fake iPhone 5 Launcher_2

Once you have downloaded the application, you can press the home button and select the Fake iPhone 5 Launcher to enjoy all the goodness. You have swipe across the pages to view the various apps that have been installed. You can use live wallpapers with the launcher too which is a great bonus. Here are more features of the application as listed by the developer:

* Most realistic iPhone skin on the market.
* Fully functional home screen replacement.
* Beautiful icon effects – all installed apps are styled.
* Comes with 16 default apps on the first page.
* Custom wallpapers supported!
* Swipe-to-Search available – just swipe left at the main screen.

Although ads are annoying but it is understandable why they are present. you too can download the launcher from Play Store here.

Via: Google Play

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