Fastest Chrome Opens Next Page of a Website/Blog Automatically

Fastest Chrome is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that opens the next page on a website as soon as you reach the end of a page. It increases your productivity and reduce the number of clicks that you have to perform. This extension has been one of the most widely used addons on Firefox and now, it is available for Chrome.

fastest chrome1

To start using this extension, install it from the link given below and restart your browser. Now, whenever you are reading through a webpage and have reached the end of that page and would like to move on to the next page, you end up looking for the Next button on the webpage and sometimes end up getting lost on the page. This extension can help you there. Just when you finish reading a page, the extension automatically loads the next page below the one you are reading. So you will not have to struggle through the website and go on clicking the next button to keep changing the pages. This extension will do it for you. This will also increase the users productivity and also reduce the number of clicks that the user performs in each session as well as improve the searches performed on the browser.

There are many other functions that this extension performs like:

1. Hover over a link to see how popular it is on Facebook and Twitter.

2. To open searches in a new tab, click the middle button on your mouse.

3. Look up definitions instantly by simply highlighting a word from a webpage.

fastest chrome

You can configure the settings for this extension by going to the Tools menu on your browser. Configure settings like adding articles to Wikipedia, enabling or disabling endless webpages etc.

Download Fastest Chrome.

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