Fastest Way To Check IMDb Movie Rating

IMDb (Internet Movie Database) is probably one of the biggest movie database on the web. You can find ratings, review, plot, storyline, wallpapers of almost all the movies released in the world. With its huge popularity and credibility among people, it is one of the most used site to check movie ratings on internet.

Checking rating is a time consuming process as one need to move to the site’s homepage and type the name of movie in the search box. It would be great if we could check the ratings in a click of button. Go to IMDb Google Chrome extension does the same.

Download and install this extension on your browser. A small icon will appear on the extension bar at top right. To search for any movie highlight the movie name using mouse, the movie rating will appear immediately on the small IMDb icon, click on the icon to go directly to the movie’s IMDb page in the new tab.


In the screenshot given above, Fight Club text is selected with the help of mouse, the rating (8.8) is immediately flashed on the IMDb icon on the extension bar. When clicked, it redirects us to the IMbB movie page.

Note: After installing this extension, don’t forget to refresh the page before checking this extension functionality. It won’t work on those pages open before the installation of the extension.

Download Go to IMDb extension for Google Chrome.

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