Featured: LG Nexus 4 Benchmark Scores with PowerSaving

There are a plethora of Android devices in the market currently in the market. We can all compare the device based on the hardware they run, but specs alone do not tell the whole story. This is the reason why benchmarks have become one such way of comparing the devices. This is primarily the reason behind us starting this new feature on Blogtechnika where we will put as many Android devices as we can through various Benchmark tests and publish the scores here.

The first device we will be picking for this section is the Nexus 4. The device we are using is running on Stock ROM and Franco M3 Kernel. Also, keep a note that these benchmarks may be different from device to device. We at the time of benchmarking the device were using the Snapdragon Battery Guru and Greenify. We will soon be doing a test with all these services turned off. The reason being simple, these are the most optimum settings any user uses on their device. So lets dive in and see how the device performs:

RL Benchmark: Lower is better


Vellamo Test: Higher the better

Nexus_4_benchmarks_2013-07-11-22-48-20 Nexus_4_benchmarks_2013-07-11-22-48-57 Nexus_4_benchmarks_2013-07-11-22-50-04 Nexus_4_benchmarks_2013-07-11-22-50-20 Nexus_4_benchmarks_2013-07-11-22-50-47


Antutu Benchmark

Nexus_4_benchmarks_2013-07-11-22-59-21 Nexus_4_benchmarks_2013-07-11-22-59-38


Antutu 3D Rating



Quadrant Standard





So, it is clear from the results that the Battery saving methods really hamper the performance of the device. We will perform the same tests at full throttle with battery savings turned off and see what the results are. Stay tuned for that.

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