Features of Android 5.0 Lollipop for Android Wear Leaked?

Android Wear is very much in development stage. And while we really like what is available currently, there is no denying the fact that there are some glaring missing features too about the platform. These are expected to be overcome in what will be Android 5.0 or lollipop update for Android Wear. There is no clear indication as to when the update will be released yet, but given that Google has been strict about not allowing the developers to customise the software side of things on Android Wear, the update should hit all the devices at pretty much the same time.

Android Wear 5.0 Update

Some of the features of the update according to an article here on Android Police are:

  1. Android Wear application on the smartphone will be able to report to you battery as well as memory consumption of your watch.
  2. The pull to mute gesture will also bring in the ability to change the brightness on Android Wear.
  3. Custom watch face API will be open to developers, so you can enjoy plenty of new watchfaces on the watch.
  4. Color inversion and magnification for visually impaired.
  5. The OK Google would take into account the apps you use most, as a result the ones used most often will be on top for quicker access.
  6. Dismissed notifications or cards can be recovered via a swipe up gesture.

What other new features would you like to see on Android Wear? Do let us know in the section below or on our social media profiles.

Source: Android Police

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