Features We Would Like To See In The Samsung Galaxy S IV

If the mummers of the town are to be believed, then Samsung are very close to announcing the Galaxy S IV. It would be the next flagship  device and worthy successor in the highly popular and successful Galaxy range of devices. The Galaxy S II and S III in particular alongside Note I and Note II have been the standout smart phones in the last couple of years. If the market trends are to go by, then the S IV is bound to be a success, yes, even before the device is launched. Samsung has emerged as the leading player of smart phones in the last few years and this success seems to know no stopping at least in the near future. One thing everybody can be absolutely assured is that the S IV would pack some tremendous killer specs which once again would set the bench mark for the phones to follow. So what are the improvements or added features we would like to see in the S IV over S III, here is our list:


1280 P HD Display: Samsung have produced some of the best displays in the past few years, we loved the Super AmoLED display technology that Samsung introduced in their smart phones, and we can expect no less in the S IV. As seen at the CES, 1280 P displays are the norm today and we definitely expect the S IV to come with a better screen with higher resolution and a better ppi than the 306 found on the SIII.

Slightly Bigger Display: With the news filtering in that the Galaxy Note III could well be a monster of a device with a screen size of over 6 inch, yes you read that right, it is very likely that the Galaxy S IV could well be around the 5 inch mark from the current 4.8 inch display.

A Better Build: Samsung devices in the past have been held against from not being built of the best material. We have never been a fan of the plastic build of the Samsung S III. Some of the other devices in similar price range such as the HTC One X or even the Lumia 920 offer much superior build quality with uni body construction or metal body like the iPhone. We would like more metal used or good quality construction to give a premium feel to the device.

A Bigger Battery: The Battery on the S III was pretty good, but it was not a patch on the legendary battery that Note II boasts of. The battery on the Note II can literally last out forever and this clearly shows Samsung know very well how to power their devices. We definitely look forward to the S IV having battery that could at least last a couple of days.

Inclusion Of S-Pen: Yes, this could be a little controversial but the new S-Pen on the Note II is fantastic. It is a great add on to the phone which lets you quickly jot down points or draw your ideas. Large display of the S IV could well be ideal to be used with the S-Pen.

A Quad Core Processor: Samsung unveiled the latest Exynos processor which boasted of eight cores, yes an octa core processor. In an age where dual core processor is pretty acceptable in smart phone and quad core an absolute luxury, an octa core processor would give us a smart phone that without a doubt would be snappy enough. Just imagining a device with twice the performance of the S III leaves us drooling.

All New Touch Wiz: Samsung’s overlay skin for Android, the Touch Wiz is not the most popular out there. If compared to the HTC Sense, Touch Wiz does fall short of both imagination, productivity and design. We would like a re designed Touch Wiz which would pretty much take away the only shortcoming we find in the new Galaxy range of devices.

More RAM: We are pretty sure that the S IV would have at least 2 GB of RAM on board if not more. It would be of a great help for the device to multi-task which the S III handled pretty well too.

A Better Camera: This is another area where we feel that Samsung should improve the S IV over the S III. We were not very impressed with the camera performance of the S III. S IV could well ship with at least a 12 MP Camera sensor with better performance in low light conditions and better white balancing. Especially having used camera on some of the newer devices such as the HTC One X+, iPhone 5 or even the Lumia 920, Camera is certainly going to require some kicking from Samsung when it comes to the S IV.

Wireless Charging: We are massive fans of the Wireless charging on the Lumia 920 or even the S III with a modified back cover. It would be pretty good if Samsung decided to incorporate Wireless charging right out of the box without having to buy a different back panel.

So these are the new features we would like to see on the Samsung Galaxy S IV and most of them are not really very long shot and doable. What are your views on the subject? Do let us know in the section below or tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

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