Feedly is an Efficient RSS Reader For Android

Blog feed is an important medium to get updated without hovering to blogs again and again. And I can’t deny the fact that I am totally addicted to Google Reader. It is pretty needless to say that I needed something similar on my Android smart phone. So I started browsing along till I found one that really suited my needs. And if you also want a good RSS feed reader on your smart phone, I cannot recommend Feedly enough.


It has a simple interface and seamlessly integrates with your Google reader account. The signing in process and getting started is rather simple. It is very visually appealing and has a range of customization options. The content is easy to read and the best part is you do not lose out on content. The interface has options of using either black or white background which is kind of neat. There is a widget also available which really helps those who want constant updates on their home screen. I found the widget to have a slight lag, but that could just be me. You can also subscribe to the RSS feeds in case you do not want to log in with your reader account. Simply put, Feedly is simple, efficient, and easy to consume.

Feedly is available for free in the Android Market.


Android has some other apps available to read feeds but with better interface and extremely easy to use, this app must deserve a try. Also it is available free on Android Market.

Download Feedly.

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