File Query: Search for any File names, Music or Video Using Right Click

File query is an app that helps users to search for files on the internet by right clicking on the file. It adds itself to the system registry and you can search for any file on your computer by right clicking on it and selecting the “search online” option. This tool is particularly useful for searching for information on certain music or video files on the internet directly from your file directory.


Installation is required for File query which will install the tool as well as add itself to the registry so you don’t have to do any of the difficult  processes like adding the files to the registry manually. The installation process covers the whole thing.

There is a different search option for different types of files. If you are searching for any general file, it is done using Google. If you are searching for information regarding a movie file, then it is programmed to search in IMDb, the Internet Movie Database which is the largest database for movies and TV shows. If you are searching for music files and want information on that, then the search is done in

file query1

The websites can be changed to suit your needs by configuring them before installation. Please note that these changes can be made only before installation and not after that. To change the search options after installation, you will have to reinstall the app.

Download file query.

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