Final Press Render of the HTC M8 Leaked Online

HTC M8, the successor to the vastly successful HTC One is all set to be announced on March 25th. HTC have been very aggressive in  marketing the device and building the prebuzz for the same. In fact, the went on to poke some fun at Samsung as they announced the Galaxy S V by telling their followers to be ready to be one upped. There have been several speculations and leaks about the device in the press recently and lot has been made about the name of the device too.


However, about 25 days before the official launch of the device, a new press render has leaked out that shows the HTC M8 completely. This also takes away the mystery of the name of the devices and pretty much confirms that the device will be called “The all new HTC One”. That is certainly not the coolest name you might have heard in a long time, but it makes sense for HTC to carry on with the HTC One brand name given the high investment in marketing it.

The device from the picture looks very similar to the HTC One we have seen. It is more rounded and obviously has two cameras behind. Not sure why two cameras, but that is how it is. The device will bring a slightly larger 5 inch display and Snapdragon 801 SoC alongside 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM. How accurate these specs will be, only time will say, but for now, that is definitely how the all new HTC One is going to look.

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