Finally iPhone 4S Arrived in India With Incredibly High Price

Airtel, one of the leading network providers in India is launching the iPhone 4S in India and the release date is expected to be the 24th of November. iPhone being the most popular smartphone in use today, you can preorder the newest release from the Airtel website. The iPhone 4 really impressed in terms of quality and performance of the iPhone and now, the iPhone 4S looks to go one step further with more innovative apps and features like the famous “Siri”, your own personal assistant. Even though Siri may not be as efficient in India as it is in the US, improvements are expected to be made by Apple for users outside the United States.

Many new features have been added to the iPhone 4S. The famous Siri is one major upgrade that separates this new phone from the older versions. The iPhone 4S comes with an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p amazing HD video recording that will blow you away with its clarity. The iPhone 4S comes with an advanced A5 processor chip that promises to deliver more advanced graphics and performance with which you will be able to play the most advanced games available for the phone today with an advanced battery life.

The iPhone 4S, 16Gb version is supposedly priced at 44500 INR and the 32Gb version available at mind throttling 50900 INR with both the black and white colored phones available. Cost too high? Well, we thought so too. But when has an Apple product ever been about money?!!

You can preorder your iPhone 4S from the Airtel website. Hurry if you want one the day it arrives!!

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  1. it is better to buy an unlocked iphone 4s from the open market and get a plan with a carrier that suits you, anyways one shud go for android based phones particularly samsung as they r cheap and better, apple is just fooling arnd with crazy people in our country, many of my friends who were waiting for iphone4s have bought galaxy SII or galaxy note, tooooooo high a price for a phone

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