Finally The Launch Day Of Samsung Galaxy S3 Is here

We have all been waiting for this day for a fairly long time. After the massive success of Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus, Samsung is all set to roll out the Galaxy S3 in the United Kingdom at 7 PM GMT today. There have been a lot of so called leaked pictures and leaked specs of the device but barely any of them have been close to giving us the final picture. However, wait no more since you would now be able to see the real device for yourself.

For all of us who are unable to attend the unboxing event as Samsung are calling it, here are the few places you can look at to follow the event live. Obviously once over, Blogtechnika would bring to you all the detailed specs and reports about the Newest in line of Samsung smartphones. Stay tuned.

Samsung’s Official Streaming Site

Technobuffalo Live Blog

Engadget Live Blog

So make sure you are following as Samsung promises to bring a brand new Galaxy to your own hands.

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