Find The Best Article On Google Reader Using Chrome Postrank Extension

I am a huge fan of Flipboard, an amazing app of iPad. It lets you read top stories across the world in an interactive magazine style reader. In computer I want the same functionality because there are plenty of news and we don’t know what to read and what not.

Also I love reading feeds inside my Google reader but it is very difficult for me to sort important feeds in a list view. Thankfully there is a Postrank extension for Google Chrome which solved my problem. Postrank is a web service the analyzes social media activities and find the most discussed post. The basis of finding the popularity is, it tracks comments on the posts, number of sharing on social media sites such as Digg, Delecious, Twitter, etc.


Download and install this extension on your PC. The extension uses Postrank data to show you the rating (Post rank) of the post. It shows Postrank next to the article title which is out of 10. It means the article with PR10 is more popular than article with PR9 and so on.

Also you can sort the posts according to good, great and best PR. This extension display PR across all the feeds you subscribe. Also if you search for any feed in your feed reader, then it works for it too.


To use this extension effectively, you have to switch to the list view. In expanded view it also works but you’ll take extra time to find the posts with more popularity.

I cross checked this extension with my Google analytics stats and found that the post with maximum number of readers gets more PR. It makes perfect sense.

Download PostRank Extension for Google Chrome [via ReadWriteWeb].

2 Responses

  1. Hi Himanshu — Thanks for the post about the Chrome extension. Glad to hear it makes the iPad experience even better, too. 🙂

    Just to update you, the guys added some new functionality earlier in the week that improves the user experience in expanded view a fair bit — it makes the rankings and sorting a lot clearer. Would love to know what you think!

  2. PostRank doesn’t actually sort your items, it just makes the higher ranked posts more prominent (more orange) and makes the less popular ones grey, but not greyed out. If you’re reading the items in order (pushing the j key), then you be reading them all without PostRank having any effect.

    It would be great if the drop down actually filtered your items so you only see the higher ranked ones. Or even better: if you could sort a folder by PostRank (like you can by Oldest, Newest or Magic) and then just read from the top down.

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