Find Duplicate Image Files on Your Computer Using Duplicate Image Finder

Duplicate Image Finder is an app that detects duplicate image files on your hard drive which you can later on delete to free up more space on your disk. If you like storing tons of images on your computer, then you will always have duplicate image files which may be created by some or the other means. Then this app will come in handy for you.

dup image finder1dup image finder 2

Duplicate Image Finder has a seemingly high installation time which is unusual considering how dull the interface is to look at as well as for use. But that being said, the work that it does has to be given credit for. The processing is lightning fast and I scanned an entire partition of my hard disk in just a few minutes. After installation, the main window that opens up prompts you to select the folder you wish to scan. After scanning, the app displays all the duplicate image files in a neat table for you to analyze and delete however you want.

You can even set limitations to the app as to which all folders it should not scan like temporary internet files or in system folders etc. You can specify the formats of the image files to scan.

The app you download is a trial version and the only limitation of that is that it can scan only 500 images at one time. If you want the complete package with more speed and efficiency, then you can order the full version by clicking on the Order Now button in the app. But this trial version is more than enough for your necessity.

Download Duplicate Image Finder here.

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