How to Find Facebook Application Settings Page

Recently Facebook changed the way to reach Application settings page. Previously anyone could reach it while clicking on “Account” given at the top right, Now the Application Settings option is missing. Given below is the previous and latest screenshot of the Account drop down:

facebook-application-settings facebook-account

You can notice that Application settings is missing in the present interface. After playing various settings, I found that Facebook hides the option under Privacy Settings. There are two ways to go to Application settings page.

1. Click on this Application Settings link to go directly to the application settings page. This link also redirect you to the same page.

2. Go to Accounts –>  Privacy Settings. Click on Edit your settings link.


Now click on “Edit settings” button next to Application you use.


You’ll go to the Application settings page. Here you can remove applications or change their settings.


Thanks to Sharath G Rao for suggesting the alternate link.

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