Find out How Fast you Type with Typist

Being tech savvy, we place a lot of pride in the speed of our typing. Take a deep breathe and recall the time when you were working on that important document and absolutely murdered your keyboard en route. This is when you need to know how fast can you type and feel proud of the achievement. But typing on physical keyboards is passe, the new trend is typing out quick on touchscreen devices. Be it for the odd document composition on your tablet or quickly replying to the text message received on your smartphone, the world is now typing on touchscreens.


How able are you or how fast are you? This question is answered by an Android app called Typist. The application is extremely simple and easy to use and is like just any other typing tool you would find. When you open the application, you are to select a test that you would like to take and the timing of the test. You could also simply select random test and save yourself the trouble of making choices.

The app underlines the text that you have typed wrong giving you an immediate analysis of the mistakes that you have made. You can restart the test anytime if you feel distracted.  After the test is done and dusted you are informed of your Words Per Minute that you have achieved. Not just this, you also get an overall score of your typing ability including the accuracy rate. Not just this, you can also check the history of your typing testby simply swiping to the right from your results page making the whole experience comprehensive and really useful.

Download Typist for free from here

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