Find Out How Much Do We Spend On Apple Products

Apple products are sold at a premium. In fact one of the main complaints that people have against Apple is the high price they have to pay. On one side this price is justified cause the hardware that Apple produce is pretty much always top notch, and you obviously have to pay an amount to enter the entire Eco system. In fact, there are loads of alternatives out there too, for example you can pick a good solid ultrabook for pretty much half the price as compared to a Macbook Pro. They may perform the same function too and do the same tasks with the same speed and efficiency but that feel and X-Factor of a Macbook is what a finely crafted UltraBook would not have. This is why the saying ‘Once you go Mac, you never go back’ really holds true.

It is actually a good strategy that Apple follows to actually make sure that their present customers stay within the Eco System rather than bring in newer customers. Overall, a lot of money is spent on Apple products. Reuters recently published a report which clearly stated that Americans spend a lot of money, well above average on Apple products. Even though this story is a little baseless because nobody is holding the customer’s hands forcing them to purchase the Apple branded things, they do so cause they can afford it or have been satisfied with what they have received. Here is the graph that clearly compares how much people in the US spend on Apple products as compared to the rest of the world.


It is clear that in just four years the sales have almost tripled. How many Apple products do you own? How much have you spent on them so far? Do let us know in the section below.

Via: businessinsider

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