Find out if you will Survive a Nuclear Strike with this Web Application is a website where users can find out their chances of survival if a nuclear explosion were to take place nearby. This is a fun tool to get through the 5 to 10 minutes of break that you get where instead of sitting idle, you can check your chances of survival against a nuclear strike and then start preparations for being ready in case this turns out to be true!


Once the site is opened, you can view a map of the world and on the right side of the webpage, you can enter your location and other details. Enter the population of your location. Select the approximate number of people that you think are around you. You can set the number of cities on which you want the nuclear explosion to take place. Select the type of nuclear strike that you want to experience. This ranges from the Fatman 18 kiloton nuclear bomb to a massive Dinosaur ending meteor whose size is unknown but is known to be the biggest. Enter your location on the map. Once these details are entered, you can check whether you will survive a nuclear strike anywhere near your area. I checked mine and the website said I had no hope for survival as I would be right in the middle of the horror were even the cockroaches can’t survive.

This is a fun tool but equally informative if you are worried about these kind of things to help you prepare for a major strike in the near future!

Visit the Wouldisurviveanuke website.

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