Find People To Follow on Google Plus Using Recommended Users

Google+ is one of the fastest growing social media service which was recently launched by Google. The features inside Google+ is really cool and one of its coolest feature is friends recommendations. It shows the friends connected on your social circle in the right sidebar and you can follow them easily. In this way you can easily connect to those to whom you are already connected via chat or any other medium.

But getting interesting people on this service is not that much easy. To get such users you can use an unofficial service known as Unofficial Google+’s Recommended Users. By using it you can follow people of your interest by performing some easy steps.


To start with the service just click on the circle of your interest. There are many services present such as People’s choice, Bloggers, podcasters, photographers, artists and designers, web celebrities, journalists, photographers, web developers, and many more other categories.

Just click on your favorite circle and it will show you thumbnails and names of people you should follow on Google+. For example clicking on Bloggers name shows you top bloggers to follow such as Guy Kawasaki, Gina Trapani, and Jeff Jarvis.

google  bloggers

To add anyone on you circle, just click on a “Add to Circle” button present below the thumbnail. It will redirect you to the profile of that person. You can easily follow him from his profile page.

This service is extremely easy to use and no sign up is required. All you need is one Google+ account.

Check out Unofficial Google+ Recommended Users.

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  1. The problem with this service is that it just highlights celebrities i.e. busy people who will never follow me back, never mind engage with me. Twitter however is full of people who I feel are ‘on my level’. If there was a way to find people with similar interests on Google+ who aren’t famous, I’d enjoy it a lot more – as it is I often feel like the party is going on inside the house and I’m staring in at the window. They need to fix that ASAP

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