Find Subtitles for Movies Easily Using Sublight

If you are a movie buff and don’t like missing a single line in a movie, then subtitles can help you with that. But sometimes it is difficult to find subtitles that are compatible with your media player or the type of movie file you are playing. Sublight is an application that helps to find subtitles that exactly suit the file you are playing or the media player that you are using. The timing and text in subtitles differ for each player that you use. It recognizes this and finds subtitles from the internet that fit perfectly with the file and media player being used.

sublight vlc

To start using Sublight, download the file and start the installation process. When the installation is completed, there are a few simple steps to complete before you can start using Sublight. You can configure options like the language of the subtitles to be downloaded, the player in which you are playing your files etc. Once these steps are completed, click Finish. The main window is simple and easy to use.


On the main interface, you can choose to manually search for the subtitles through the internet by simply entering the name of the movie. Or you can locate the file to which you want the subtitles and the app will automatically download the appropriate subtitles from the internet.

Sublight is probably the most precise in terms of getting the exact match for the subtitles for your movie files. So this app is a must have if you like watching movies with subtitles.

Download Sublight.

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