Find Your IP Address and Physical Location by Using This Google Chrome Extension

Did you find yourself in a situation when someone asks your machine’s IP address and you don’t know how to find it. There are many ways to find the IP address of your computer. One of the easiest way is by using Google Chrome extension. All you need to do is, go to extension page on Chrome web store and install the application on your browser. It will add an icon on your browser’s apps page.

To find the IP, just click on the IP icon, it will redirect you to URL. On the opened webpage, you’ll see your IP address information as well as your physical location on map. It also gives browser agent information of your web browser.


On a redirected web page, you’ll see attached Google map on which you’ll get your location. When you hover your mouse over map, you can zoom in and zoom out the web page using your mouse scroller wheel. Below Google maps, there is a very detailed information on IP address and Chrome user agent present, in case if you don’t know about these terms.

Check out Find Your IP Address for Google Chrome.

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