First Benchmark Results of Quad Core Nokia Lumia Device Leaked

The tech nerds amongst us love big numbers. Yes, we preach numbers are not everything and high specs dont always result in off the charts performances. Yet, good specs do guarantee that your device is compatible with graphically intensive games and enable a more smooth operation. Windows Phone so far had seen only dual core smart phones at most and the argument made was that unlike it’s Android compatriot Windows Phone OS was so optimised that it did not need that extra barrel of power.

Quad Core Lumia

However, looks like Nokia are seriously giving a thought to a more powerful Lumia devices as the existence of Quad Core Lumia device has been leaked out. The device is reportedly running a 720 P HD Display. So, in case the phone does become a reality then we can expect this device to be the flag bearing device of the Windows Phone series. Microsoft did confirm that both Windows Phone as well as Windows 8 support up to 12 cores. This news is definitely going to set the hearts of Windows Phone enthusiasts on fire.

The screenshot is from a certain ‘GFXBench’ and running Adreno 305 GPU. Given how hard the media is pressing with Lumia EOS device, it would not be the worst guess to think that it could be the EOS Lumia device that would be pack the quad core power making it a phone to really turn the heads.

Via: MNB

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