First CyanogenMod Nightly Available for Motorola Moto X Second Generation

If you are into the sort of things like hacking, cracking or modding your Android phones, then you will absolutely certainly have heard about CyanogenMod ROMs. Alongside the MIUI, CyanogenMod is one of the most active communities when it comes to developing ROMs for Android smartphones. There are a fair few smartphones which are heavily supported, the likes of Samsung or HTC flagships which all get immediate support while others get it after a while.

moto x

One of the devices finally getting CyanogenMod support is the Motorola Moto X Second Generation, which is the current flagship device from Motorola. The first nightly for the device has been released so if you are interested in moving to CM on your Moto X, you can do that.

The device is officially called Victara and that is what you will need to search on the CyanogenMod download page to pick up the ROM and download it. The ROM is a nightly which means t may have some bugs here and there, though would be most likely a good to go as a daily driver. Usually the Nightly ROMs receive an update everyday from CyanogenMod, so even if there is a major issue, it is most likely to be resolved by the OTA. You will need to have a device with unlocked bootloader to be able to install CM 12, which is based on Lollipop on your Moto X.

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