First HTC M7 Image Leaked Online

Internet can be a blessing and at the same time a bit of pain. Thanks to internet it has become pretty difficult to keep things under a lid when you are an electronics company, and sometimes that just kills the fun of waiting for a mega unveiling of a device at a show which nobody had expected. What i mean to say is, imagine if none of you had seen the leaks of the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 5 before it was launched by Apple somewhat like the original iPhone where nobody really had a clue how the device would look like or what the specs would be, would it not make you marvel at the device more. These leaks pretty much allow us to swallow the news and we have the expressions of “yes, we have seen this” when the company unveils a new device. Seems like the race to publish an exclusive has certainly killed the chances of any manufacturer keeping a real interesting design under the wraps.

Thanks to the news floating around, we have known very well in the past few days that HTC are all set to launch their next flagship device which would be called the M7 at least as of now to be shown off at MCW. So far the only information we had about the device was that it would have killer features and specs and would pretty much compete with every single high end device out there. However, now thanks to unwiredview we have what could be the first leaked image of the M7. Here is the image:


We do like the two tone finish on the body of the device if this is what the final hardware would look like. It certainly reminds us of the iPhone 5 and it looks pretty classy too with two tone color usage, somewhat like the HTC 8S as well. The device is expected to have a screen size of about 4.5 to 4.8 inch with 1280p screen resolution. The phone is expected to be powered by a 1.7 GHz quad core processor and should ship with Android JellyBean 4.2 on board. The price range is expected to be above the $600 mark, and you can expect the official announcement of the device in Feb when Mobile World Congress comes knocking.

What are your initial impressions of the M7? I am really looking forward to the device. Are you? Do let us know in the section below or tweet in to us at either @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.



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