First Images of the HTC One M10 Leaked Out

It is no secret that all the major Android players are getting ready to launch their latest flagship devices for the year 2016. We have already received confirmation about the launch event plans from the likes of Samsung, LG and Xiaomi for their latest flagship phones. The others definitely are not far behind, especially those brands that launch their flagships in the first quarter of the year. The name missing out here is HTC, who usually announce their flagship in the month of February. With LG, Samsung and Xiaomi certainly announcing their flagship devices at MWC, it is clear that HTC is giving it a skip.

HTC One M10

Their flagship device, the HTC Perfume or commonly called the M10, is expected to come post the MWC event in a separate dedicated event. It is rumored that the phone will come with a QHD display which will measure 5.1 inches and feature a 12.1 Ultrapixel camera with Laser Autofocus.

The M10 will mark a return to the days of Ultrapixel camera for HTC after they had ditched it in the HTC M9. The phone will continue to come with a fingerprint scanner, though the new design leak is curvier than the M9. The phone will feature Snapdragon 820 with 4GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. The first real image of the phone was leaked out by the famous leak-star @Evleaks on Twitter. Missing out in the image are the trusted and loved Boomsound speakers, though there is a rugged power button. The phone in general from the top looks very similar to the Nexus 6P, though with the fingerprint scanner on the front. Think of the design to be a cross between iPhone 6 Plus and Nexus 6P.

There is no information on when the phone will be available or the cost that it would set you back by, yet!

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