First Images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Leaked Online

Every year, since the launch of the Note series of devices, Samsung has looked to upgrade their flagship Note product in the third quarter of the year. This year, we expect the fifth iteration of the Note series to be out and while a few things such as a large form factor and a very proprietary S-Pen have remained fixed stars of the line up, a lot has changed between the first and fourth editions. If the leaked images are to go by, then the fifth edition of the Note device will bring a host of changes too.

Note 5

The leaked images of the device shows that the Galaxy Note 5 will feature a glass and metallic design that was widely appreciated on the Galaxy S6 and Edge. The phone just by the look looks like the successor of the Note 4 with chamfered edges, but you do have a curved back with glass giving it a feel of the modern Samsung device.

Note 5-2

The S-Pen too has been flushed inside the body and it has been rumored that the device will have an auto-eject mechanism. The USB port has been reversed as well as the speaker grille and the audio jack have swapped positions when it comes to comparison with the Galaxy S6.

Note 5- S-Pen

In brief, if you looked at the Note 5 and the Galaxy S6, you could definitely recognise them to be the kids from the same family with very similar design philosophies which is a welcome change from Samsung and a much needed move. The date for the launch of the Note 5 has not been confirmed yet.


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