First Picture of iOS 7 Gaming Controller Leaked?

iOS 7 may not have sent the world into raptures by it’s design and left a lot to be desired as far as the new features which have been added are concerned, but one of the few things that were universally acknowledged, was the support iOS 7 bought for dedicated gaming controllers. It was one of those big announcements which perhaps Apple did not deem to be big enough but the gaming community must have breathed a sigh of relief. SUpport for gaming controller means that some of the racing games, or even point shoot games can be a lot more fun, and users can enjoy a complete gaming performance. This would also mean, developers could do without on screen controllers, giving the games a larger screen estate.


The shot leaked online is that of a controller made by Logitech. It is really interesting, as the overall design of the controller is very minimalistic. It engulfs the iPhone instead of being a totally separate entity and that is something we personally like. The lightening connector at the bottom indicates the controller is for iPhone 5, and we do expect more such accessories to be available for both iPhone 4/4s and 5.

Pricing or compatibility of this controller is pretty much all unknown right now, but we hope to hear a lot more about controllers in the near future as iOS 7 does go full boom.

Via: Kotaku

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