First Screenshot of Windows 9 Leaked confirming the return of Start Menu

Looks like the folks over at Redmond are hard at work as they prepare for yet another Windows Update. After a rather unsuccessful time with Windows 8 and countless updates under that moniker, Microsoft is set to come out with Windows 9, a successor to Windows 8 in an event most likely scheduled for September 30th or early weeks of October.

Windows 9

Much has been made of the absence of the Start Menu bar that has become synonymous with Windows OS, and that is set to return if the leaked screenshots are to go by, after Microsoft had budged and brought the Start Button back in the last major update. According to The Verge, the screenshots leaked are of Windows 9 Technology Preview and also feature a new Notification Center, a bit like that we have seen on the Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

Windows 9-2

The Metro apps, will also be added to the start menu itself for quick launch from the Desktop Environment, including the Windows Store which would now be good to go in the Desktop Environment. A search button has been added to the taskbar right next to the Start button which perhaps will work like Spotlight does on a Mac.Virtual Desktops and Cortana are expected to feature in the Windows 9 update too, but it remains to be seen whether they will come out in all the versions of Windows 9 or only few specific ones.


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