First Screenshots of Alleged Android TV Emerge

Google in its attempt to take over your life is set to park a bus in your living room too. Yes, according to a post on The Verge screenshots of what seems like the new Android TV have emerged. There have been rumours of an alleged Android TV for a while now, especially after the flirting with the Google TV failed miserably last around. Television is a next big hurdle for the major players, and with likes of Apple, Amazon and several other players looking for solution, Google has decided to jump into the boat in the aim of driving it.

Android tv2

The leaked screenshots give an idea about an all new interface of the Android TV which seems heavily inspired from the card like UI of Google Now. There is a Google Search bar in there giving an idea that maybe Google is thinking to integrate Google Search and it’s voice search capabilities. Not just this, there have been rumours about Google already talking to content distributors like Netflix, Hulu etc as well as its own set of products such as Youtube, Hangouts etc that will be a part of Android TV.

Android TV

Not just the software but the hardware on board too is going to be drastically changed and all new as compared to the old Google TV. If things go according to the plan, it is rumoured that the Android TV would be released in time for the Google I/O 2014.

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