Five Bad Smartphone Habits You Should Get Rid Of

We live in a world where smart phones have become our best friends, if we get angry or upset we turn to our soul mate Siri to vent out our anger or our frustration. However, just like anything else in life, there are a few things we should be careful about with our smart phones. No we are not talking about things such as not dropping the device or covering it in a proper cover and stuff like that, we are talking about some habits that you must avoid while using your phones to keep your life sane and also make sure you use your device how it is meant to be.

bad smartphone habits

1) Avoid Drunk calls, texts, tweets or updates: We all like a drink or two, and sometimes maybe even more. However, these moments are meant to be lived privately and with friends. Your entire twitter feed or a friend not around you does not need to know the number of Vodka shots you are down or the bottles of Old Monk you entertained. Make sure if you are drunk you stay away from your phone, you could end up writing or speaking things that you would regret later on. And always remember, not everybody likes pitch drunk people, so live your moment of glory, but leave your phone away.

2) Aggressive Whining on your Phone: Remember everybody is fighting a battle of their own. you are not the only one. Dont take it to your phone to change your status or tweet things that trouble you. Whining 24 x 7 leaves a negative impression, and anyway winning about your personal problems on Twitter or Whatsapp status or Facebook Status would only make you a butt of jokes, so might as well sort the problem out than take it out on your phone to let the whole world know.

3) Enjoy the music concert, pictures can wait: This is another bad habit that people have developed over the years. In the years gone by people would go to music concerts or plays and sit and enjoy the show. Today thanks to the inbuilt camera on our devices we would much rather spend all the time to sit and record the concert or take pictures rather than enjoy the show. So avoid that, enjoy the show, pictures can always wait, you wont get another chance to make memories though.

4) Texting while Driving/ Walking: Just don’t ever do this. Human brain is wired to do one thing at a time. When you are behind the wheel, not just your life you are responsible for lives of people on the road and those travelling with you. If a call or text is very urgent, park the car and attend it. Most phones today have a car mode and Bluetooth, use the technology safely and correctly. Same while walking, watch the road and those ahead of you while walking, if you text and walk, you could cause some serious accidents and hurt yourself or others.

5) Forever Using the Phone: All our minds need some time to relax, time to let those creative juices flow. But if every free second you get you are going to spend watching your phone or following on Twitter then where do you have time for yourself? Do yourself the favor, your phone might be the love of your life, but keep it down and enjoy the small peaceful moments of life. They are wonderful, trust us.

We hope you would implement these five habits and use your phone effectively and yet not miss out on things in life due to it. Let us know if you have more such bad habits in the section below, or tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

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