Five Outstanding Features of LG Optimus G Pro

We had recently attended the blogger’s meet in Delhi where LG took the curtains off the LG Optimus G Pro, it’s latest flagship device. The device has now slowly made its way into the Indian market and is retailing for just a little under Rs. 40,000. Yes, that is  a lot of money, but in our time with the device, we have been left impressed. So Should you be ditching out other smartphones and picking the Optimus G Pro? Here are our five reasons the device really impressed us, and sure shot you would like them too.

The Screen

HD Screen

LG Optimus G Pro sports a 5.5 inch true HD 1080P display. It is in fact the first phablet in the world to sport the full HD resolution and we absolutely fell in love with the details the screen offered. The colors are realistic without ever being too much into your face like some of the AMOLED displays may do. the size, definitely on the larger size, felt good for reading and watching videos. the text was crisp and neat and we thankfully saw no checkerboard patterns on the device while scrolling through. If you have slightly larger hands, you will love the display.

Overall Snappiness and Performances

Snappy Updates

The Snapdragon 600 SoC of the device really keeps things moving at a brisk pace. We have seen the processor used in the HTC One before and boy does it not fly. The G Pro as a result is a device where you would be hard pressed to find lags. No, we are not advocating lags are absent, in fact there were little stutters when firing up the Camera app, but that is negligible. Running a lot of apps together was never an issue and in fact until we tew a kitchen sink at the device, it kept surprising us with how well it performed.

The Quick apps really launch terrifically fast on the device and here is a short tutorial to show you that:

The Q Remote

QR Remote

Remotes are possibly the best thing to ever happen if you are a lazy person. Sit at one place and rule the world, ok not rule but almost control it. And to have that feature in your smartphone is the win of the highest order. The G Pro doubles up as a remote controller too for pretty much every electronic device in your house, be it the Television, AC or even the DTH box. If you are feeling naughty, then you can play around with the DTH of a restaurant too. All this, because setting up the Q Remote app is extremely easy and simple. You have a plethora of devices already and as a result, you can literally sit on a chair and rule the roost.

Dual Recording

Dual cam

Every time someone is taking a picture, he or she is always found out of action. Being a lover of photography, one thing I miss is having me in the picture. Although there are devices that now allow a dual shot, the G pro takes things to another level by allowing you to dual shoot the video. We love unboxing a new gadget or two and using the G Pro, things are simpler than ever as the audience can actually catch the action on both the sides of the vlog. Also, it makes sure you do not miss out on the weird expressions of the photographer as he takes the pic. Although, not a new feature the G Pro has certainly improvised on a feature that has become fairly common.

VR Panorama 360

VR 360

Panoramas are not something that are new, but having a device that can capture the entire sphere of your surrounds is what makes things interesting. 360 Panoramas although a feature of JellyBean, the G Pro really improvises on Google’s algo and makes thing a little easier. We liked the fact that you use rectangular section of the images as compared to matching the blue dot as seen on the Nexus 4. All in all, again the G Pro makes the feature a little easier to use so that you can capture your entire surrounding in one shot.

So these were some of the features we love about the LG Optimus G Pr and the reasons why the device will do well, let us know in the section below if you have any questions.

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