Five Reasons You Should Have A Cover For Your Smartphone

Just about everyone on the planet today has a smartphone. And everybody wants their smart phones to look different and stand out. There is not much you can do though to make two same smart phones look different apart from accessorize them. This is only a part of the reason why it is always advisable to have a cover for your smart phone. They are just as much a fashion today as the phone itself. So what are the reasons you must invest in a good cover for your expensive smart phone? Here is our list:

phone covers

1) Safety: Safety is definitely the main reason for having a cover for your phones and tablets. They protect that all important bezel in case you happen to drop your device by accident. Without a proper cover you may have to live to regret the decision of not owning one as the screen replacement or hardware replacement costs plenty more than a simple cover. A back cover also prevents your phone from accidental scratches by keys in your pocket in case you keep your phone in a bag or your pocket.

2) The Oomph Factor: Yes, let’s admit it, a good well fitted and colorful cover for a smart phone makes the device look even prettier. We do not recommend those heavy bulky covers but the slim and light ones which do not really add to the weight of the device. Even a simple bumper can add that extra bit of color tone to your device and make it look impressive and different.

3) Extra features: Some of the covers can also double up as kick stands that may help you to keep your device on the desk and use it for reading or even multimedia playback. Some mobile covers also come with battery extenders which could help your device with that extra bit of juice in case you are running out of precious juice.

4) Prevention In Extreme Conditions: If you are a person who loves adventure sports and are a game for things like cliff diving and other such crazy activities, you must invest in a cover. Most hones are very delicate and such activities if done without a proper cover could kill your device forever. Now obviously that is not something you want, so its always a good decision to invest in a smart phone cover.

5) Keeps Dust Out: Dust and moisture are two things that are inherent enemies of smart phones. A good cover usually keep these things away from your phone A lot of phones end up bricking out due to water seeping into the device, and a good quality cover is a good measure to take to keep both dust and moisture away and keep your phone brand new and shiny.

So did you invest in a cover for your phone already? Do let us know in the section below about your opinion or tweet in to me at @techverarp.

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