Five Steve Jobs Videos You Must Check Out

Every once in a while it is good to take a trip down the memory lane. We love reminiscing our heroes, the people who made our world what it is today. And Steve Jobs definitely played a major role in doing that. He was instrumental in first bring us an entire experience of PC and then in his last years ushered us into a post PC era with iPad. However, he made significant changes to the way we see the smart phone industry as well as the music industry today. There are plenty of other things that Steve was instrumental in teaching us, the most important being stage presence, how to effectively sell your products, how to innovate ideas and infinitely more. So we thought as a token of respect and to carry on the baton as Steve would say, we’d share 5 videos of Steve Jobs that you must watch if you want to know the man himself better.

1: Steve’s Speech at Stanford: Probably the single best Commencement Speech:

2: Steve Jobs And Bill Gates Together in a rare interview at D5. It is a dream to hear the two men who single handedly changed how we use PC on one stage. Look out for some really witty and sarcastic remarks.

3:  iPhone Keynote From 2007: The full Keynote from the iPhone Launch in 2007. If you wat to learn how to stand up on stage and have the audience in awe, this is a masterclass.

4: A Vintage presentation given by Steve back in the year 1980. The man who had no idea what revolution he was about to head, or maybe he did:

5: Steve Jobs At Job, building Next: The genius at work, this is a very interesting 15 minutes clip.

Hope you enjoyed the video and incorporated some of the lessons Steve always wanted to share. Do leave your comments below.



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