Five Useful Shortcuts Tips You did not Know about Android

Doing things the routine way is so not us. We like to do things that are smarter and quicker and one way to do it is by using loads of shortcuts. This is just as much a truth in real life as on our Android smart phones. Yet, there are plenty of shortcuts that just about seep under our eyes and we never realize they exist. Did you know that you can turn the Wi-Fi of your Android device automatically every time you lock the screen so that you can preserve that extra bit of battery on your device? Or that you can add your Name or any other details to the lockscreen of your device? If your answer is no, then we have your back.


Here is a video well put up that shows you a neat way of:

1) Turning off auto sync at once for all your applications.

2) Adding owner information to the lock screen.

3) Turning off W-Fi when your device sleeps.

4) Changing individual volume of Notifications, Phone Calls and Media at once.

5) Turning off Notifications for individual apps.

We hope these little shortcuts would have helped you save some valuable time and given you a new insight to your Android smart phone.

Via: XDA

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