Five Useful Tools To Help You Analyse Your Twitter Account

We are surrounded by opinions, and if you are a regular Twitter user, then the number of opinions just goes right out of the roof, because one thing folks on twitter are so not short of, opinions. Be it state politics or discussing sports or dissing technology, there is no topic in the universe that a die hard Tweeter would shy away from. And since it is such a fast tool of communicating it becomes sometimes very important to take a step back and analyse yourself and how you are projected on the famous micro blogging site. So here are five tools that you would find extremely useful if you are analyzing your Twitter account or a friends.

Mentionmapp : This is a very useful for those who are looking to find out who the user mentions the most in his tweets or whom does he get connected to the most. It also in a lovely graphical form shows the hash tags that the user tends to use the most. This is a good thing as you can judge by looking at it which topic the user is interested in talking about the most. We found that this application focuses more on your recent activities. So in case you have not connected with somebody for the past few days or months and have ignored a topic for a few days then it would not show up here. As a result, the graphs may not be the most accurate if you are looking to analyze the data over a long period of time. For a shorter span, the app works well and you can also connect to the neighboring user and move on to looking through their details too just like a chain reaction.


Klout : Klout is an interesting tool that analyses your influence in the world of Social media. It basically checks your interactions, followers and the number of re tweets your tweets have received to gauge how popular or influential you are in the highly populated world of Twitter. A score of about 60 is average, yet if you are a twitter celebrity or a really famous guy then you can expect a score of around 90-100. You must be a really famous person on twitter for people to be talking so much about you which basically generates that high scores. In our observation, people like Barack Obama have such high scores. You can also connect Klout to your Facebook account and use the same features for FB profile. You can also download its application for the iPhone to analyze your Klout score. You can add other social networks as it helps you to take your Klout score higher.


BookRx : BookRx is a fantastic tool for the reader inside you. It basically connects your Twitter account and then matches it’s database and gives out suggestions regarding books that you may find useful. We felt, the way it works is that it takes your tweets and matches the title of the book in the database and gives you the suggestion. You get a list of different genres of books, starting right from Sports to science and tech to even business or social media given that you have been tweeting about the topics. We really liked this application as it pretty much suggested stuff that matched our interests.


Monitter : Monitter is a real time, live Twitter search that lets you quickly scan through tweets regarding a particular story breaking through. This is a very useful tool especially if you are in the field of Journalism as you can keep an eye on the latest developments as well as be quick to know if any new information is available on a said topic. You can add columns and get notified about several topics that you wish to monitor. Sometimes the speed of the refreshes can be extremely fast especially if it is a big breaking news. You can also play around with the color and edit your columns. There is also added option for you to load whats trending on Twitter so you can be on toes of your Twitter game.


TweetStats : TweetStats, as the name suggests gives you all the stats of your Twitter account. The performance of this application depends upon the rush on the site though. And you could have to wait for a very long time to get to the stats of your site. You get information such as number of tweets per day or month, and its all shown off in a nice bar graph manner. You can also check out at what time you are most active on Twitter and other such data. Only getting the stats is an issue since we always had to wait for a fairly long time to get the results.


So these were our suggestions for five useful tools that would help you analyze your Twitter account and keep you on strike as far as facing the Twitter world is concerned. Do let us know in the section below if you found them useful, or tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

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