Flappy Bird Coming to Windows Phone Soon

If you came across a Facebook status or a tweet along the lines of, “I am unable to work, thanks to flappy bird” then you are living in the right world. Yes, the game is the new sensation on iOS and Android. Just like Angry Birds, Temple Run and several others before them, Flappy Birds is the flavor of the month. Make no mistake that Flappy Bird is an incredibly easy game to play but equally engaging and challenging too.


However, so far, only people on Android and iOS were able to enjoy it. But, no for long as the game would be releasing on Windows Phone 8 in perhaps as little as ten days. If the tweet by the developer is to go by, the game has already been approved by Microsoft and just the final touches are left. This is great news for Windows Phone users especially they always have had to wait for the popular releases to be available on the platform.

The game just like Android and iOS is expected to be available absolutely free. Now that flappy bird has gone cross platform, it would be interesting what the next jump would be for the developers. Given the popularity of the games, it would certainly not be a surprise to see some new variant of the same game, maybe even introduction of stages. We are speculating of course!

(Image via: Fonearena)

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