Flappy Birds is Coming Back in August

The sensational Android and iOS game, Flappy Bird is set to make a comeback to the mobile venues sometime in August. The game was the undoubted number 1 for several months both on Android and iOS before it was mysteriously brought down from both the stores. the reason for this was that the developer of the game felt that the people were wasting way too much time playing the game and not concentrating on their work and especially for the young kids.

Flappy Bird

This is why Dong Nguyen despite earning in millions decided to bring the game down. however, it has not lasted for too long with the developer breaking the news that he is ready to bring the game back up this August, without specifying the exact date. Nguyen confirmed the news on a CNBC Prime Time show. He also confirmed that the new Flappy Bird game will be lesser addictive and also feature in a new Multi Player game most probably via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi by which you can play the game with your friends

We are not entirely sure how keen would the audience be to see the game come in August as there would be plenty of opportunities to move to newer pastures.


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